Yellowstone's Future Beyond Season 5 Addressed by Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner reveals whether he knows the future and ending plans for the popular western drama ahead of the release of Yellowstone Season 5.

Taylor Sheridan, the creator and writer of the Yellowstone series, has previously said that he knows how the show will end, but has yet to decide how many seasons it will take to reach its conclusion.

Sheridan insisted that the series could run for an additional two seasons after Yellowstone Season 4. With rumors that John Yellowstone may die in Season 5.

Speaking with Extra, Costner was asked if he discussed Yellowstone's future with Sheridan. Starr explained that he doesn't and feels that the writers are "making it up" in some way.

Costner admitted that he would feel in control of the show's story only when he said he didn't want to do it any more.

Costner claims he doesn't know where the show is going and is not part of that discussion. He understands that the only way he can affect the story is if he leaves.

 Given her schedule, Yellowstone Season 5 could be the end of the road, with Sheridan producing three other spinoff series and three different drama television shows.

With Yellowstone Season 5 premiering on November 13, viewers are likely to see the beginning of the series' end seeds.

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