Will Tom Brady return for 2023 with the Buccaneers?

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By : Raam Dhakad

Not long ago, the idea of ​​Tom Brady playing football in 2023, and especially playing for the Buccaneers, seemed unimaginable. Now, it's feeling a little more understandable. 

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An anonymous source on the team recently explained, "Everyone here knows that Brady takes a year at a time, but what you see every day is a guy who acts like he wants to play." 

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But will there be any team that will give him a better chance to win than Tampa? Former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels wants him in Las Vegas. 

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"He loves his teammates, his coach and the organization. If he decides to play next season, I think it will be with the Buccaneers." 

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At one point it looked as if Brady would not return.Frankly, if his ex-wife was the main thing pulling him to retire and the relationship ended after that, what could stop him from continuing to play?

He has said that he wants to avoid watching football after he retires and concludes, "These guys suck." I could have done better than that” 

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If he thinks he can play better than the quarterback who will play for Fox in the games he handles, he will be pained. 

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"He's playing as good as ever," Christensen said Tuesday on the Buccaneers Radio Network, via jobbuxfan.com. "I think he is improving. 

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I think this goes for 45 year olds too. He's throwing the ball high, high. Hand is not the issue. The issue would be the feet.

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Earlier this year it looked like it was headed in that direction. Recently, this has changed. And it's changing enough to question whether he'll decide to play as a 46-year-old, not a 45-year-old.

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