Warriors, Grizzlies reportedly facing off on Christmas Day

Grizzlies star guard Jaa Morant really wanted his team to face the Warriors at Christmas.

Morant exchanged tweets with Warriors forward Drummond Green on June 19 and both expected their teams to play on Christmas Day.

The league's Christmas Day slate traditionally includes an NBA Finals rematch on the defending champion's home court, but the Grizzlies deserve that spotlight, too.

NBA insider Mark Stein tweeted Saturday that the Grizzlies will visit the Warriors over Christmas to battle the two most entertaining teams in the league.

The NBA made the right call! The league would have received a massive backlash had they opted to pit the Warriors against a different opponent at Christmas. Morant said

Grizzlies-Warriors will surely be one of the most exciting games of next season. The Grizzlies want a comeback while the Warriors want to make a statement.

Hope the Grizzlies and Warriors can stay healthy over Christmas. Morant's injury was a major factor during his second-round series last season.

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