Tom Brady shares his honest reaction to Rob Gronkowski's retirement

As Tom Brady prepares for the upcoming season, he has to adjust to the fact that Rob Gronkowski won't be with him for only the second time since 2010.

On Let's Go!, Brady's podcast with Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald, Brady explained how he's approaching a season without Gronkowski.

"You're missing someone who was one of the all-time greats, you know, you can't replace him," Brady said via Pro Football Talk.

 "We all love him, but we miss him and he just decides not to play. So he's retired so we have to move on to try to sort things out without him, you know.

Even though Brady came out of retirement in the off-season, Gronkowski hung up his cleats for good.

Tampa Bay is dealing with a lot of turnover this year, with Gronkowski, Bruce Arian and Antonio Brown leading the way.

In their place, Brett, Rudolph, Todd Bowles and Julio Jones play the larger roles. However, Brady is still on the team, so the standard is very high despite all the departures.

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