Tom Brady Reveals What He's Working On After His Divorce

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By : Raam Dhakad

In February, when quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement from retirement, his relationship with Gisele Bundchen had deteriorated. 

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Legendary Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen finalized their divorce earlier this month. 

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After months of rumors about their relationship's struggles, the couple announced a divorce from each other. In the days following the split, Brady revealed that he's working on a thing.

Brady's daughter, Vivian, revealed that the seven-time Super Bowl champion doesn't seem quite happy when he is out on the field.

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On Monday your "Let's Go!" In the episode of the podcast Brady reveals what daughter Vivian tells him. 

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"My daughter always says, 'Dad, your face was not happy.' And I'm trying! I wish I had more awareness of what the scowl looks like. 

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The NFL quarterback continued "I'm doing my best to try to find a better place and better peace of mind" 

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Brady will probably show a little more positive sentiment when the Buccaneers face the Seattle Seahawks of Germany this weekend. 

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