Tom Brady Just Gave Justin Jefferson The Highest Compliment

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By : Raam Dhakad

NFL icon Tom Brady has praised rising talent Justin Jefferson after his sensational Nov. 13 game.

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When it comes to football legends, Brady definitely has a spot on the list. While some players evolve into stardom on their own, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player started his career on a high note.

Brady is showing no signs of slowing down on his history-making career, he recently set aside time to admire other players in the industry like Jefferson.

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Considered one of the most talented NFL players in history, Tom Brady, the beloved quarterback still takes the time to give flowers to other players.

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On November 13, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson made waves during the team's game against the Buffalo Bills.

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Late in the final quarter, the Louisiana native stunned fans when he caught a 32-yard pass with one hand—a touchdown that helped lead the Vikings to a 33–30 overtime victory.

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The team had only a 6% chance to take the game before the show-stopping play. In the days following the history-making catch, fans and industry professionals praised Jefferson, including Brady.

"A one-handed catch in coverage. It's one of the greatest catches in NFL history," the Tampa Buccaneers player said in his "Let's Go!" said during podcast .

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Brady wasn't the only NFL legend to comment on Jefferson's amazing play. Former Vikings player Sammy White also described it as "one of the greatest catches I ever saw".

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