Tom Brady Has High Praise For 1st NFL Quarterback

The 2022 NFL season is just two days away. The Rams host the Bills in the season opener at Sophie Stadium this Monday night.

Three days later, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.

The game is exciting for many reasons. Most notably, the Buccaneers and Cowboys had two of the best offenses in the NFL last season.

In other words, fireworks should be done on Sunday night. Brady is well aware that his Buccaneers may have some trouble defending Dak Prescott and company.

 Brady is a huge fan of the Cowboys quarterback. "I love everything the Duck [Prescott] has done since quarterback.

I saw him in his rookie year, he led the team to a great record. Never let any success get to your head. He's done an amazing job," Brady said.

This is the highest praise from the best to ever do. Will this be the year that Dak Prescott leads the Cowboys to the Super Bowl race?

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