Tom Brady asked if he regrets not staying retired

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By : Raam Dhakad

When Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL, it felt compelled, and not the way he wanted things to go.

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So, the football world was not too surprised when he announced his decision to end that retirement in less than two months.

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However, given the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' poor start to the season, it is reasonable to wonder whether Brady would have preferred to retire.

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That's exactly what a reporter asked this week during the Buccaneers' preparation for a fight against the Seattle Seahawks in Germany. Brady's answer makes it clear that he has no regrets.

"Zero. No. Definitely not," he said. "I came back because I thought I wanted to compete, talked to the team about it and they were excited to have me back. I really don't regret these kinds of things.

Brady and the Buccaneers sit at 4-5 in the season and have a chance to drop back to .500 before their bye week.

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It won't be easy though. The Seahawks are arguably the most amazing team in the NFL and will give the Buccaneers everything they can handle.

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