The NFL World Becoming More Concerned For Tom Brady

Tom Brady was absent from training camp for an entire week due to "personal reasons".

Apart from a report by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times that Brady and his family are in good health, little is known about the rationale behind his long absence.

With this paucity of information, NFL fans and analysts have begun to vent their speculations.

"But what if upon returning to the team the thought he was leaving behind just isn't working? What if his heart isn't really in it?

"Are Brady's feet getting cold?" One asked. "It's a really good read. It's impossible not to wonder if he's having second thoughts," said another.

"One of his companions is quoted as saying that he is 'praying for her.' If it's not really a medical reason then all I can think of is if it's his marriage.

Basically, head coach Todd Bowles said Brady would be back on the field after this weekend's second preseason game.

But on Thursday he changed his answer, saying there is "no fixed date" for Brady's return.

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