The Buick Electra-X is a preview of the upcoming EV crossover

Designed in China, and previewing future Chinese electrified offerings, the Electra X is a compact to mid-sized, fully electric crossover SUV.

Buick's Chinese presence has arguably become the basis for the brand's continued existence. In the late 2000s, GM kept the brand around, citing its strong performance in China.

The swoop was designed by GM's Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) in Shanghai.

The Buick Electra X could be a preview of what the electrified Buick crossover might look like in the future.

Between the headlights sits Buick's updated tri-shield logo, sans ring.

Inside, you'll find a 30-inch-wide touchscreen, set within a gray interior with white accents.

Buick's US and Canadian branches are silent about whether a production version of the Wildcat X will be able to reach our shores.

Still, with GM's huge electric push to sell only EV passenger cars by 2035 and the market's love of crossovers, it will likely find its way to North American drivers.

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