Taylor Swift's alleged stalker has been arrested.

Joshua Christian was booked by police in New York on Friday  night after police tracked him down to his home following "several" incidents with the 'Love Story' singer and her security team.

Sources told TMZ that the man had come uninvited to the 32-year-old star's Manhattan home at around 10.47 a.m. on June 12 with the intention of "harassing and harassing" Taylor.

He used the building's intercom to access Taylor's apartment and allegedly threatened to hurt her if he refused to be with her.

On 26 March, Christian is also accused of breaking into an isolated residential building in the neighborhood at 11.05am, "through an unlocked door and staying illegally for an undisclosed period".

Last August, another man, Patrick Nissen, was arrested after being caught in the vestibule of Taylor's apartment building.

Nissan reportedly told police officers at the scene that he loved Taylor and had pictures of him on his Instagram account.

In September 2020, Eric Swarbrick was jailed for 30 months after pleading guilty to stalking and sending threatening letters and emails to the "Bad Blood" singer's former label Big Machine Records.

While another hunter named Roger Alvarado reached a plea in April 2019 admitting to the charge of criminal contempt.

After attempting to break into Taylor's home, he agreed to comply with a security order in exchange for two to four years in prison.