5 Surprising Side Effects of Eating Corn

Whether you love cornbread, corn chowder or enjoy adding some fresh kernels to your favorite salad, corn is a staple in countless homes around the world.

It is not only the versatility of this delicious vegetable that makes it such a great addition to meals, it also offers so many health benefits that even the biggest connoisseurs may not recognize.

If you want to bring your cholesterol into a healthy zone, adding corn oil to your diet can be an effective means of doing so.

Corn can reduce your risk of diabetes. Added purple corn to your menu could be the key to keeping diabetes and its associated complications at bay.

If you're having trouble with your digestion and you're trying to give your sluggish digestive system a boost, a little corn may just work.

Keeping your body's digestive system healthy as well as a healthy balance of gut bacteria is essential and adding some corn to the diet can help keep this essential balance intact.

Enjoying some air-popped popcorn as a snack can help you stay satisfied between meals without turning to high-calorie snacks.

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