Reasons Why The Mazda RX-8 Deserves More Love?


While other brands stayed away from the rotary engine, the RX-8 adopted the Renesis – an evolved version of the 13B that was last used in the Mazda RX-7.


Rotary engines are some of the best engines for tuning due to their high rev nature and massive power output capability.


We've encountered some weird door styles, and suicide doors are one of them.


Considering the RX-8's sleek coupe body, there's a surprisingly large amount of cabin space. There are two front and two rear seats with decent head and legroom.


The RX-8 was entered by privateers in several racing events and experienced significant success.


With its traditional rear-wheel-drive chassis, the RX-8 boasts a recreational drive that few in its class can match.


Among many areas where the RX-8 stands out, pricing is one of them. The RX-8 is one of the cheapest cars, even for a sporty car.


The RX-8 was a major turning point for its distinctive design when it was unveiled in 2003. The futuristic style still looks fresh today.


Since the introduction of the RX-8 in 2003, the first significant update was received in 2008 when it received a mid-cycle facelift.


True, the RX-8 won't give you that super-torky feel, but under the hood it screams like a 13B Renesis race car.