With the departure of Nissan's popular model, Datsun, Nissan now has three brands, each requiring more investment.

Where did it all go wrong for Infinity? US sales for the year ended June, down more than 40 percent, to just 21,805 cars and SUVs.

Even though there has been a local manufacturing joint venture with Dongfeng for a few years now, Infiniti has failed to gain traction in China.

During the first half of 2022, sales stood at just 641 units. Lexus, which is completely dependent on imports, retailed 87,103 vehicles during the same six-month period.

Nissan's official line remains that it is committed to China but you wonder how much more pain the company can take.

Especially when the brand also requires a reset with a long needed step for EVs experiencing delay after delay.

There is at least some good news, with the QX60, an SUV that arrived in 2021, doing a decent run in the US.

Indicates that the brand is not badly damaged; It only needs new models as well as more fuel efficient engine and electric options.

Hopefully Nissan won't ask its dealers to wait until the QX60's mid-cycle refresh — likely for the 2026 model year — the arrival of the QX60 EV, or even the Q50 REEV.