NFL world wowed by awesome Trevor Lawrence pass

Playing for a struggling team with a difficult coaching position, quarterback Trevor Lawrence didn't have much chance to shine in his rookie season with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But in Saturday's pre-season game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Lawrence opened up a pass that reminded everyone why he was considered such a special talent coming out of college.

In the second quarter, Lawrence completed a 14-yard pass to Marvin Jones Jr. On the surface, this might sound like nothing special - but it was.

 Pittsburgh defensive back Cameron Sutton was in good shape. When the ball was bowled, it looked like Sutton would have a chance to intercept the pass or at least break it. But the ball was perfect.

It went right over Sutton's fingers and fell into the waiting arms of Jones, who grabbed it before going out of bounds.

Of course, one rule is to never overreact to whatever happens in the preseason. But Lawrence looked totally cool on Saturday.

  If this continues into the regular season, that's good news for the Jacksonville Jaguars. As for the rest of the AFC - not so much.

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