NFL World Responds to Tom Brady Trade Question

On Wednesday morning, legendary throwing guru Tom House revealed that Bill Belichick once asked him why he shouldn't trade Tom Brady.

In an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, House admitted that Belichick called her into his office to ask if the team should trade 37-year-old Brady.

House responded by saying that all evidence suggests Brady can continue to play at a higher level. This story started going viral on social media this week.

Some fans believe it was a valid question. "House actually relates that Belichick was asking Tom House when Brady was '36 or 37' why he shouldn't trade Brady.

Patriots reporter Tom Curran said "make a reasonable case for why he would remain elite". Others think the Patriots' success was due to Brady, not Belichick.

“It is and all so it was always clear that it was Brady over Belichick. Brady has done a lot better since he left Belichick.

I'm saying this as a lifelong Pats fan until Brady is gone. Plus, now he's on my local team," said another fan.

Belichick didn't trade Tom Brady and he's still playing at a high level, so it appears House did his job.

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