NFL World reacts to Tom Brady's decision

Chris Sims made a lot of headlines earlier this week when he suggested that Tom Brady would be more likely to walk away mid-season than Aaron Rodgers.

Sims said "this year and some of the off-the-field stuff that's hitting the house and personal stuff with Brady, it's a year I think maybe it could be Brady"

"It seems, and I don't know, that his wife is threatening divorce or going down by all reasonable accounts of what you're reading."

It didn't take long for Brady to respond to that statement, though. He Said "No Retirement In My Future"

In the midst of all this, fans took to Twitter to react to the backlash about Brady's future. "This dude will die on the football field. A true legend," said one fan.

Another suggested "really wonder if he goes until he really can't go on anymore if the divorce rumors are true,"

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