NFL World reacts to Tom Brady family news

Tom Brady's alleged family drama has been the subject of much discussion on social media this week.

According to a report in Page Six, Brady's wife Gisele Bündchen is not thrilled with his decision to continue playing football.

Brady, 45, retired earlier this year, only to retire a month later. He took a leave of absence from the Books during the training camp last month.

Now, Page Six is ​​reporting that Brady and Bündchen are fighting for her return. The report said Brady is "unhappy" but is currently just working on being a good father.

"Tom Brady is 'sad,' but focused on being 'super dad' amid feud with Gisele," Page Six reports.

NFL fans are hoping for the best for Brady's family. One fan wrote, "Looks like they would fight to change their mind when they retire after months of doing this."

"Give them some privacy to sort out their problems," said one fan. Hopefully the 2022 NFL season will be a good one for the Brady family.

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