Rookie card signed by Tom Brady sold for $2.4 million at auction

Amid speculation that the legendary NFL quarterback may be walking away during the season, Tom Brady isn't going anywhere.

Brady re-committed to the Buccaneers earlier this week. Brady, 45, announced that he would not be away during the season. In fact, Brady has hinted that he won't be retiring anytime soon.

"No retirement in my future," Brady told reporters at the beginning of the week. It should come as no surprise that Brady, 45, would not go away during the season.

But does that mean Brady will be playing in Tampa Bay for a season or two? Fans shared their reaction on social media regarding this.

"Best day of my life," joked one fan. "It's awesome. I hope she's awesome for the next 7 years," joked another fan.

One fan said, "Now no wife breathing down her neck, she's gonna play up to 50 lmoooo."

Brady and the Books have struggled a bit this season, as they started 3-3. Tampa Bay will look to return against Carolina on Sunday afternoon.

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