NFL World Reacts To The Rough Mac Jones News

Mack Jones and the New England Patriots offense are reportedly struggling during Tuesday afternoon practice.

"Man, that's bad. Hardest offensive exercise of the summer," said Patriots reporter Andrew Callahan. "Jones ends in an INT after 2 minutes of practice 7/17."

Naturally, fans are a little concerned about the state of the offense after longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel left.

"The Pats' offense all summer is going to sound like a complete dumpster fire," said NFL reporter Matt Werderem.

While most fans are concerned about the start of the season, others are confident Jones & Co. will figure it out.

"The Patriots are getting the job done but that's okay. 1. It's a practice. 2. They'll get better as a result of today," said one fan.

Another fan said, "It makes sense that preseason games don't matter but practice now. I'm far from apologizing to Mac Jones, but people are being ridiculous."

He ended his rookie year with 3,801 yards through the air, 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Will he take a step forward or a step back in 2022?

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