NFL world reacts to shady Tom Brady charity scandal

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By : Raam Dhakad

It's safe to say that Tom Brady has been in the spotlight over the past several weeks after plenty of offseason drama, some serious on-field conflicts, and a very high-profile divorce. 

He had to spend a lot of money. He has also suffered some serious business losses which may lead to some legal problems. 

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But this week, he made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it was revealed that he had some very shady business decisions with his personal charity. 

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Tom Brady is using his nonprofit charity to pay for the services of his for-profit company, paying more than $1.6 million — more than eight times the amount Brady himself has donated.

To make matters worse, the non-profit charity has been operating at a massive $7 million deficit since 2020 and has not received regular funding or donations. 

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This is a very shady move by Brady that caused quite a stir and the NFL world certainly had a lot to say about it on Twitter. 

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Between the scandals, trade losses, and all the on-field struggles, it's certainly been quite a year for the veteran quarterback. Luckily for him, the year is almost over.

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