NFL world reacts to heartwarming Mike Tomlin video

That didn't stop Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin from taking some time out of his day to help kids in the Pittsburgh community before the start of the 2022 NFL season near the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tomlin reportedly saw some children fighting in the street while driving, and pulled over to stop the brawl, later spending several hours with the children after the brawl.

He then visited the same children the next day as his guest at a Steelers practice at a local community center, where he was seen practicing with Star while running after Nazi Harris.

It's a truly special moment for those little kids, and many people across the NFL world are taking to social media to appreciate Tomlin's generosity and make a difference in kids' lives.

Tomlin has long been one of the most beloved coaches in all football by his players, and it is stories like these that confirm that notion.

Besides Bill Belichick in New England, Tomlin is the longest-serving coach in the NFL with the Steelers, beginning with the franchise in 2007.

This has been largely due to the team's consistency thanks to his frequent coaching with former Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

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