NFL World reacts to Gisele's big decision news

Tom Brady is missing a big guest at his first home game of the season on Sunday afternoon, with Brady's children reportedly in attendance, his mother not.

People is reporting that Brady's wife, Gisele Bündchen, did not attend her first home game of the season in Tampa Bay. The Bucks are hosting the Packers at Raymond James Stadium.

However, some sources revealed that "Giselle is devoted to her children and is working on personal projects."

Brady was reportedly hoping his wife would join the game. Some saw today's game as a potential "turning point" for the celebrity couple.

Brady and Gisele are clearly still working through some things. The Bux quarterback was seen with his children before the game, although Gisele was noticeably absent.

Gisele had previously tweeted a message for Brady ahead of his first game of the season, though there wasn't one on Sunday afternoon.

Brady has said that he has a habit of asking questions about his personal life as it comes to headlines, but it must be tough for the veteran quarterback.

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