NFL World Reacts To Friday's Drew Lock News

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Drew Locke was unable to fit in Thursday night's preseason game against the Chicago Bears as he is currently battling COVID-19.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told reporters at his postgame press conference that Locke is "really sick" this week.

Fans believe Locke's battle with COVID-19 will cost him a starting job in Seattle.

One fan tweeted, "Jeno Smith is going to be the starter only because Locke got covid and doesn't get reps."

Locke isn't the only quarterback to deal with a health issue right now. Geno Smith hit his knee during Thursday night's game.

With both Locke and Smith at less than 100 percent, should the Seahawks pursue another quarterback? This seems to be a popular question this Friday.

"I postponed that idea," Carroll said. "And we had a long week here, we'll figure it out. I don't know how to do it, 'cause I don't have to.

So, let me tell you. I'll probably tell you. I'm not very good at telling you guys about that stuff." Locke needs every rep if he's going to win the starting job in Seattle.

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