NFL World Reacts To Cowboys' Rough Practice News

On Wednesday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys faced the Los Angeles Chargers in join practice.

According to the latest reports from the practice, cowboy crime still has a long way to go. Dack was a two-minute drive away from Prescott and company as he faced a Chargers defense.

Cowboys insider Michael Gehlken said: "The Cowboys' two-minute drill fails early. Chargers OLB Khaleel Mack gets the first-down sack."

 "Mack in backfield is second again as Dak Prescott bounces off RB Ezekiel Elliott to OLB Kyle Van Noy for an interception."

Fans are not taking this news properly. "Hey, that doesn't make me feel good," said Cowboys reporter RJ Ochoa.

"This offense is going to struggle this year man," said another Cowboys fan. Another fan said, "The offensive line really scares me man. Please stop and stay healthy."

The Cowboys offensive line has been a major force for the team over the years. However, going up against two elite pass rushers in Joy Bossa and Khaleel Mack is never an easy task.

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