NFL world reacts to Carolina Panthers quarterback decision

When the Cleveland Browns traded Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers last month, everyone within the Carolina organization insisted that 

There would be a legitimate quarterback contest between Mayfield and Sam Darnold. If that was indeed the case, it looks like Mayfield would have won the competition.

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, the Panthers are expected to give Mayfield their starting quarterback for the season's opening matchup with the Browns.

"Baker Mayfield is expected to be named the Panthers starting QB for Week 1," Howe said in a tweet.

"He is competing with Sam Darnold, but he should be declared a starter when the team is ready to announce."

Earlier this season, Panthers head coach Matt Roulette said that players will decide who will be the starting quarterback of the year with their performances during practice.

Although the news didn't come as a shock to much of the NFL world, the quarterback's decision did speak to some.

Mayfield's first debut as the Panthers would be against his former team, the Cleveland Browns. Maybe that game has become just a must-watch television.

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