NFL teams reportedly upset with Deshaun Watson’s “rigged” contract

The Cleveland Browns certainly raised eyebrows when they decided to sign controversial quarterback Deshan Watson to a massive $230 million contract amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Watson has not been criticized consistently, and now there is even more criticism of both Watson and the Cleveland Browns.

NBC Sport's Peter King reported last week that an "influential NFL person" told him that teams around the league were upset over Brown's "rigging" Watson's contract.

His gripe with the contract appears to be that the team paid Watson an $8.9 million signing bonus for the 2022 season.

Which would not be cut with a suspension, while only paying them a little over $1 million in basic pay.

Brown probably feared some sort of suspension and wanted to make sure Watson lost on the least amount while the suspension ended.

This is certainly a smart decision from both Brown and Watson's agent, but the morality of the situation is certainly questionable.

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