NASCAR World Reacts To Scary Pit Crew Incident

NASCAR pit crew workers are some of the most underrated figures in all sports.

This weekend, we had a scary incident involving Daniel Suarez's pit crew. During the race, Suarez nearly collided with some of his pit crew members.

"If there was ever any doubt, pit crews are true athletes. It's the worst feeling to know I could actually hurt one of my friends.

Thankfully it didn't come to that! Came too hot and misfired my stall, but Corey Jeremy Josh Milne and Jerrick handled it like pros. Sorry boys," he tweeted.

It could have been much worse, "The pit crew members are really on another level," wrote one fan. Another fan wrote, "It had disaster written on it, glad both guys are good."

Another fan said, "A few months ago I found out about some of Suarez's crew in Tootsie. Glad all is well."

"True athletes are so mad at how these guys keep up with the danger of being hit by another car!" A fan has been added.

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