NASCAR World reacts to Bubba Wallace decision news

Bubba Wallace received a one-race suspension for his actions during last weekend's Cup Series race.

The 23XI Racing driver deliberately kicked the other driver out and then pushed Kyle Larson after both drivers exited their respective cars.

This week, 23XI Racing co-owner Denny Hamlin announced that Wallace faced further internal discipline.

"He understands where I stand, where the team stands, the values ​​we want to present on the racetrack, and he didn't represent it well last week," Hamlin said.

"But you know, in the grand scheme of things, we're very happy with his progress. And he knows he still has some work to do when he gets out of the race car."

NASCAR fans believed the decision to penalize Wallace was the right one. One fan wrote, "We all make mistakes. Leave the rage running on the video game guys."

"I believe Bubba went too easy and I hope he learns something. That being said, Kelly Larson was given a FAR Harsher fine for a very small offense.

He lost his ride, his sponsor plus I have space to mention," added a fan. "Danny did the same thing many times," said one fan.

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