MLB world reacts to Red Sox ejections

While Xander Bogaerts started at shortstop for the Boston Red Sox against the Baltimore Orioles on Friday, he was nowhere near the finish.

Bogarts and his manager, Alex Cora, were kicked out in the fourth inning after arguing for a so-called third strike.

Bogarts finished fourth with one runner on, two outs, and the Red Sox 6-4. Baltimore's Jordan Lyles was less visible but home plate umpire Todd Tichenor called the Bogarts for a strike three.

Bogarts quickly threw his bat and said something to Tichner, causing an ejection.

The Boston manager, Alex Cora, tried to get out quickly enough to stop the Bogarts from getting out but could not get out in time.

The Red Sox went through the series with Baltimore finishing last in the American League East and five games from the final wild card spot in the American League.

This left many in the baseball world wondering if the Bogarts' desperation could be caused by more than just this call.

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