MLB world reacts to Anthony Rizzo going wild in dugout after questionable call

Anthony Rizzo has been pretty far down the plate in the last 17 matches. Before taking the field on Monday against the Tampa Bay Rays, the performance was poor.

His despair boiled over after a dubious call from the home plate umpire, after scoring 60 for 12 with five home runs and 12 strike outs before taking the field.

During Rizzo's at-bat at the bottom of the third inning, the New York Yankees first baseman was hit in the thigh by a slider from Ryan Yarbrough.

As Rizzo made his way towards first, home plate umpire D.J. Rayburn surprisingly called him back, after claiming that Rizzo "didn't try hard enough" to get the ball out of his way.

After striking and going into the dugout, Yes Network cameras caught the first baseman smashing his helmet into a row of shelves before running to the other side.

Baseball fans on Twitter naturally reacted to the unusual call from the umpire, with some agreeing to the call and others, not so much.

Although the rule is rarely enforced, Ump's decision was technically correct according to the MLB rulebook.

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