MLB Announces Punishment For Player's Cell Phone Incident

Last week, Pittsburgh Pirates fielder Rodolfo Castro's phone fell out of his pocket as he slipped into third base. He was disciplined for that incident on Tuesday.

MLB has suspended the Castro One game for violating the league's electronic device policy. He has also been fined an undisclosed amount.

Castro has decided to appeal the suspension to MLB. As a result, he will be able to play against the Boston Red Sox this Tuesday evening.

MLB will withhold Castro's discipline until his appeals process is over. During his post-game press conference last Tuesday, Castro felt bad about the incident.

"On my first day, if I was the center of attention, I would want it to help the team win, but never in this form," Castro said.

"It's definitely something that was an accident, a mistake, something I'm going to learn from. But certainly something I didn't intend to happen."

We imagine Castro being extra careful about where to put his phone the next time he steps on a diamond.

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