Many Americans Want to Work Longer Than They Actually Do

According to Gallup's annual economy and personal finance survey, people today estimate they will retire at 66.

But this age was above 60 in 1995. And the problem is that the average retirement age is currently 61.

Americans imagine working well into their 60s before retiring, but the reality may look very different.

It has been a constant disconnect with the organization over the years that the retirement age of retirees is almost five years lower than the expected retirement age of non-retirees.

It also underscores the challenge in planning for a retirement that can come sooner than expected, whether desired or not.

The harsh reality is that people leave the workforce earlier than planned because of a health issue, or prioritizing the care of an elderly relative or partner.

"Many older adults have to keep working to pay their bills, and many choose to work because they enjoy it," explained Ramona Schindelheim, editor-in-chief of WorkingNation.

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