Look: 2 Schools Named Clear Favorites For Bronny James

It remains to be seen whether LeBron "Bronie" James Jr. will go straight out of high school and follow his father's route or go into at least a year of college first.

But if Bronie James decides to go the college way, here are some early favorites to take him down.

UCLA was given top odds of signing Braunie James at 1-1. Coming in a narrow second place was Oregon at 5-4.

North Carolina came in third, a long way from 4-1. No other team did better than the odds of 6-1.

The Bruins make sense as a destination for Bronie James for several reasons. Between their storied history and their close association with the Los Angeles Lakers, UCLA means a lot

The fact that three of the top five teams on the list are West Coast teams shows that bookmakers believe Bronie will eventually be closer to home if he goes to college.

But it won't matter if Bronie doesn't go to college at all. It is increasingly believed that he may play for semi-pro or overseas leagues while he awaits NBA eligibility.

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