LeBron James shuts down Bronny James college rumors

While LeBron James did not go to college, electing instead to jump straight from high school to the NBA, his son Bronie would still have the chance to play college basketball if he chooses.

Bronie is currently rated as the No. 7 shooting guard and 43rd overall high school player in the 2023 recruiting class.

Bronie still hasn't made a decision about his future, but On3 reported Wednesday that Ohio State, USC and Oregon were all actively recruiting Bronie with the Ducks as the frontrunner.

However, LeBron dismissed that report with a tweet Wednesday night, with LeBron tweeting, "He hasn't met once yet and has only had a few calls with coaches and universities."

While Bronie hasn't decided on his college yet, he is still displaying his athleticism.

The four-star shooting guard made waves earlier this week with a showstopping dunk that caught the attention of some in the basketball world.

Bronie still has to decide on his college, but LeBron has already made plans for Bronie's professional career.

LeBron has long said he wants to play at least one season in the NBA with his son before he decides to retire.

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