Jameis Winston was injured on Monday: NFL World React

After a disastrous end to their 2021 season, with Jameis Winston suffering his season-ending injury, the last thing New Orleans Saints fans need is a new injury for their starting quarterback.

Unfortunately, they may have to come to terms with it after the latest news. Winston is seen twisting his leg during a 7-on-7 exercise today.

The Saints quarterback ended today's practice session by leaving it early. Head coach Dennis Allen later announced that Winston sprained his ankle, but he did not suffer a serious injury.

Still, Saints fans are concerned. Fans on Twitter are already sending Winston words of encouragement in hopes that his injury isn't serious.

After serving as the Saints' backup quarterback in 2020, Jameis Winston was named a full starter in 2021.

He looked great in his first action since 2019, completing 59 percent of his passes for 1,170 yards and 14 touchdowns in his first seven starts.

But Winston was given the initial assignment by new head coach Dennis Allen ahead of the 2022 season. If he can just stay healthy, he might be able to take the Saints back to the playoffs.

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