If Aaron Rodgers returns, he needs to be all in, all year

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By : Raam Dhakad

In early 2008, the Packers told quarterback Brett Favre that they needed to know ASAP if he would be returning for another season. Favre decided to retire. 

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In early 2023, will the Packers send a similar message to Aaron Rodgers? And it could be more than just asking Rodgers if he wants to play. 

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To make the most of another season out of Rodgers, the Packers need to know he's all in. 

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It is not unreasonable for the Packers to ask Rodgers in January 2023 if he is willing to go above and beyond the call in exchange for his ongoing compensation of more than $50 million. 

Really, for that much money, is he expected to show up for an off-season program that's really going above and beyond? 

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Of course Rodgers has to keep playing. He may decide to call it quits after a disappointing 2022. But remember this - Brett Favre had a very bad year in 2006. 

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It was the last time before this season that the Packers started 4–7. Favre came back for one more year, and had a great final season with the Packers. 

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If this is Rodgers' last season with the Packers, it's anything but great. And, frankly, the team may need to know at some point before the end of the season whether it is ready for 2023. 

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