How to talk to your kids about the Texas school shooting

It’s a question parents have had to wrestle with time and again as kids are shot to death at their schools.

Tuesday’s shooting at Robb Elementary School has brought back memories of the Connecticut shooting for many residents

Here’s how experts advise parents or caregivers talk to their kids about the shooting:

Check in with yourself

Parents should first check in with themselves to ensure they’re prepared to have that conversation with their kids.

Start the conversation

“Not talking about it can make the event even more threatening in your child’s mind,”

Let them ask questions

Children may have questions about what happened in Texas. Experts say you should answer those honestly and directly.

Reassure them

Let kids know they are loved and that the adults in their lives are doing everything they can to keep them safe

Be a role model

Kids might also be worried about their caregivers. parents and caregivers are the ones that need to step in to communicate.

Watch for long-term effects

Parents should keep communicating and monitor their kids for long-term mental health effects.