How Much Horsepower Will the 2023 Civic Type R Have?

The big question everyone wants to know: How much horsepower are we talking about? Honda did not swap out the older K20C1 engine for the J30AC.

Which will get you a TLX Type S or whatever, so we're probably playing in the same ballpark as the FK8.

As further proof of this, both the 2021 and 2023 Suzuka laps of the Type R drag side by side – the g-meter in the lower-right corner doesn't show much difference in terms of longitudinal force.

Sure, they can be calibrated differently, but the new Civic doesn't run much faster than the old one.

Because of the new chassis and wider tyres, it carries more speed through the course.

Honda, however, claims the most powerful Civic Type R yet, so that should boost some power.

It's not clear which versions of the Civic set each Suzuka record, but given that both are left-hand drive.

The Japanese and American FK8 Type bucks made a respectable 306 horsepower, but the European model got ten more.

If Honda decides to unite and give equal power output to each market, I expect it to be 320 everywhere - but don't be surprised if that number is a little lower.

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