Heard Pal's Plea to 'Leave Amber Alone' Backfires Massively Online

One of Amber Heard's close friends urged Twitter to "leave Amber alone," but the plea backfired and led to the phrase "leave Johnny alone" trending instead

Eve Barlow, a journalist and outspoken friend and supporter of Heard took to Twitter and simply tweeted "Leave Amber alone."

Although she turned off comments, the tweet was inundated with quote tweets, most of which responded with something along the lines of "leave Johnny alone."

Another added: "how about you leave Johnny alone, he's living in your head rent free."

Another person tweeted: "Leave Johnny Alone. Your obsession is spiralling out of control. Stop harassing him and watching his every move."

The world has been watching the defamation trial unfold as Depp brought a lawsuit against Heard for $50 million.Heard is countersuing Depp for $100 million for nuisance.

The jury began their deliberations on Tuesday morning. It is not yet known when they will deliver their verdict.