Golf world reacts to Patrick Reed’s controversial $750 million lawsuit

The golf world was shaken Tuesday night by news that Patrick Reed had sued Golf Channel commentator and analyst Brandell Chambly for defamation.

The complaint seeks at least $750 million in damages. Given that the current tension in the golfing world between LIV and the PGA Tour has already triggered court proceedings.

Reed's wild lawsuit was added to the mix only to stir the golf Twitter world Tuesday night. Reed is definitely already a pretty controversial figure

And hardly a sympathetic person. Meanwhile, the world of men's professional golf is getting even more crazy.

Who could possibly have guessed that off-course legal proceedings and a rival breakaway league could garner so much headlines for a sport that has been difficult to gain traction in recent years.

Reid says fans who take cues from Chambly often yell at him during tournaments, "'You're a cheater!' 'cheat!' 'Everyone hates you traitors!' 'You're going to miss it, you rookie!'"

The Patrick Reed lawsuit continues to refer to "creative termination", but he has resigned from his PGA Tour membership.

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