Everyone is making the same joke about Tom Brady

Tom Brady, who had a slow start to the season, has turned 45. But don't expect them to move away anytime soon.

When asked about any chance he might retire on Thursday, Brady said he quickly brushed off that idea.

Ending his retirement speculation, Brady smiled and said "no retirement in my future".

Though this simple quote has sparked a slew of similar jokes about Brady being able to play forever. People have shared their reactions on social media.

The Official NFL on Fox Twitter Account Says "Tom Brady Confirmed to Play Until Age 70"

One Twitter user said "Tom Brady and my dad both don't know when to retire SMH"

The same other fan said "Mid life be like a crisis" "I would predict that Tom Brady will retire when he turns 50," said Audacious Sports' Lucy Burge.

Apparently intent on playing for a while, Brady will try to bounce back from last week's loss to the Steelers when the Bucks face the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

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