Disneyland Joins Disney World in Doing Something You Won't Like

Disney parks have been big on change lately.

Some of this was to be expected in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. So fans weren't too phased by the slow rollout of events they stayed in while they stayed, like Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party

Disney also has yet to unfreeze its annual pass program, except for its lowest-tier Florida-resident-only pass. 

But perhaps the biggest change was the introduction of the Genie+ program, which replaced the complimentary FastPass program people had used since its 1999 launch.

While the regular version of Genie is free to use via smartphone, Genie+ is a paid service. That did not go over well with visitors who for decades were used to using FastPass for free.

And now, another service is about to wink out of existence, making it seem harder than ever to enjoy a visit to Disney in the way we've been used to

If you'd like to visit on a weekend, the price goes up a bit but is still discounted. The cost is $299 for the three-day resident pass, which saves you $60 off the Park Hopper price of $359.

But be aware that discounted tickets are subject to park reservations when they are available. So you have to get up to fight the other park goers to make sure you get access in the first place.