Burger King's CEO Has Bad News For Fans Of The $1 Whopper

We all know the Whopper is the crown jewel of Burger King. Burger King's menu is full of mouth-watering food that is fit for a king, but pricey to commoners and royalty alike.

Aside from the burger's loaded toppings and strong flavor, what really put the famous burger on the fast food map when it was first introduced more than 60 years ago.

Inflation essentially increased its price throughout its lifetime, with Burger King bringing it down to a mere dollar every Wednesday, or "Whopper Wednesday," at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite how popular this promotion has proven to be, it's not currently available, and for those of you wondering when it will return, a Burger King executive has revealed the answer.

When asked by Jose Sil, CEO of Finance, Restaurant Brands, whether the $1 Whopper would be held back, Sil replied with a firm "no."

He elaborated on the "flagship" menu item, saying, "It's a staple product that's been around since 1957. The frequency of visits to the best burgers in the business will continue to increase."

With this strategy, only time will tell if the love for the Whopper alone will be enough to keep the burger's popularity alive even in tough times.

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