Brady says retirement is not in his future amid divorce from Bündchen

According to recent reports where a divorce between Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen is imminent, the athlete said there is "no retirement" in her future.

The news comes after ongoing speculation that the reason for their divorce was their decision to come out of retirement from 40 days earlier this year.

When Tom Brady was asked about NBC Sports analyst Chris Sims' recent speculation that he might leave the season before heading back into retirement.

So Brady said "Okay, so here I am, I'm here to announce, after all, you guys have pushed me to the brink," he quipped about the former Buccaneers quarterback's suggestion.

Allaying doubts, Brady told reporters, "I love sports, and I love teammates, and I want to do a great job with this team as always." "No retirement in my future,"

Sims commented speculating whether Brady or Aaron Rodgers would be the first to walk away from the season.

"Some of the off-the-field stuff that's hitting the house and personal stuff with Brady, this is a year I think maybe it could be Brady," Sims said, referencing Bündchen.

Along with the divorce, Brady's attitude and stamina on the field have been making headlines. Brady was filmed yelling at his teammates at Sunday's game.

Brady infamously came out of retirement earlier this year after 40 days. This was considered his last season with the quarterback's next job as a sports analyst.

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