Bad Table Manners: How Many Are You Guilty Of?

Bad Table Manners pushes the boundaries of food storytelling. Despite a universal love of delicious food, the stories and food practices of communities perpetuate gender discrimination.

Bad table manners are the etiquette mistakes we should avoid at the dining table. This type of behavior can disrespect the hosts or guests, or even make you rude.

If you're hosting, avoid poor table manners to properly serve and attend to your guests. If you are a guest, avoid poor table manners to avoid any embarrassment.

Eating too fast 

It doesn't matter if you're starving. If you're a super fast eater, try slowing down your pace to make sure you finish eating just as well as your fellow diners.

Licking your fingers 

This is a major no-no. Instead of licking your fingers for other guests to see, wipe them carefully on a napkin or excuse yourself to wash your hands each time you eat your meal.

Licking the plate

You're not a dog, are you? So don't lick the plate! Even if you love your food, it is rude to do so under any circumstances.

Talking on the cell phone during meals

It's just unpleasant. It's even more obnoxious in a restaurant. Meal times are sacred and should not be distracted by incoming calls or messages.

The 10 Bad Table Manners: How Many Are You Guilty Of?