8 Bizarre Rules Coca-Cola Employees Have to Follow

According to Statista Coca-Cola founded 130 years ago in 1892, the company currently has nearly 80,000 employees.

For such a large operation to run smoothly, it's no surprise that Coca-Cola employees have to follow certain rules to maintain their employment status—some of them quite bizarre.

What is a surprise is how unusual some rules Coca-Cola workers have to follow really are. The company has a number of policies in place that range from the confusing to the amusing.

Coca-Cola workers are forbidden to drink any competitors' beverages while they are at work on the clock.

Coca-Cola employees are beholden to follow the company's lengthy Code of Business Conduct.

Coca-Cola workers are expected to be at work on time for every scheduled shift and, without at least 48 hours of prior notice given, they will be penalized if they're absent.

A Coca-Cola workers "aren't allowed to be quoted in any media.

According to an official Coca-Cola Company policy document: "If anyone becomes aware of any activity, situation or behavior then Workers must report on each other.

Theft of company secrets will be prosecuted aggressively.

According to the Associated Press, there are two nations on earth with which Coca-Cola officially proscribes doing business. These are North Korea and Cuba.

Workers have been urged to be "less white"