It's never good to compare your marriage to anyone else's, because all relationships are different, especially behind closed doors.

What constitutes a good marriage? Certainly, marriage advice can only do so much. So, here are five ways to tell that your marriage will make it.Title 3

The best indicators of a good marriage is how you behave and feel when you are with both your close friends and your partner. Most people feel very relaxed and authentic around their best friends.

There's nothing wrong with apologizing here and there for mistakes you’ve made. It's actually a sign of good awareness of how your behavior affects others.

Of all people in this world, the person you are married to should have a strong level of awareness of how you feel.

Your marriage should be a way you are able to experience many emotions. Sure, it's best if there aren’t a ton of negative emotions.

The last sign of a healthy marriage is whether or not you're able to ask your partner for favors and help when you're in a time of need, or for an ear to listen to you when you need to vent.

If you find that you’re calling all your friends or asking your relatives anytime you need anything to the point where your spouse is the last option, then that's a bad sign.

If you just experience "joy" and "fun" when you’re with your partner, that might be a great thing, but you're likely missing out on other ways to experience intimacy.