5 Money Moves Retiries Almost Never Regret

We do a lot of planning when it comes to retirement but we often hear stories about retirees sharing money mistakes they regret in retirement.

Looking at the other side of the coin, what are some financial tricks that retirees almost never regret? Let's go through 5 financial moves -

It is incredibly rare for a retiree to regret having to work with a trusted and qualified financial advisor or planner for their retirement needs.

Determining the right time for Social Security is often quite difficult, and retirees rarely regret carefully considering when they will claim Social Security to receive a financial boost.

Retirees who work for companies where employer-sponsored retirement plans are offered, such as 401(k), rarely regret taking the opportunity to maximize their contributions.

Most retirees never regret planning ahead for retirement to meet their goals and investing early to reap the benefits of compound interest.

 Focus on paying off any existing debt or paying off any major expenses in full before retirement, this enables you to earn interest instead of paying interest.

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