49ers prepared for change of plans on Jimmy Garoppolo's future

With Trey Lance going into the 2022 NFL season as the starting quarterback, the 49ers were open to trading Jimmy Garoppolo.

However, San Francisco will already prepare for a different scenario. A new era begins for the 49ers as Trey Lance prepares to take the reins in the 2022 NFL season.

His rookie year in the 2021 third overall pick had limited playing time, but Kyle Shanahan decided not to wait any longer to promote him.

This leaves Jimmy Garoppolo in a difficult position. After so many years at the helm of San Francisco, Jimmy G's days as a starter are over.

As a result, many thought that his time in the Gulf would also come to an end. However, Garoppolo struggles to find the landing spot.

Facing rehab from shoulder surgery, there were no longer many teams where Garoppolo could start. Therefore, the Niners will be ready to keep him.

The 49ers owner says the team would be happy to have a Garoppolo, with York saying San Francisco would be happy to have a Garoppolo, which could be complicated to ship at this point.

However, they don't have many options at the moment. The best seem to stick together until another team suddenly comes up with an offer.

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